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Yarn Testing Instruments

Product Image (KTS 056D)

Yarn Appearance Board Winder-Digital

Price: 25000 - 35000 INR/Piece

Yarn Appearance Board Winder, Yarn Evenness Tester is used for wrapping the yarn in equally spaced parallel wraps over a board for visual examination

Product Image (RPL-4)

Polarizing Projection Microscope

Price: 50000 - 100000 INR/Piece

Polarizing Projection Microscope is specially designed polarizing microscope used for fiber identification. Latest design with modern aesthetics. Objectives : 4x, 10x, 20x, and 40x. Maximum resolution that can be attained is 1000x. Any type of measurement like length, diameter of any fine textile fiber can be done. Enlarged view of sample due to projection on 360 graduated screen.

Product Image (KTS 053 )

Digital Lea Strength Tester

Price: 70000 to 100000 INR/Piece

Lea strength tester is suitable for testing tensile strength and elongation of yarns, fabrics and other materials, It is based on checking principle of constant rate of elongation (CRE).

Product Image (KTS 051)

Electronic Twist Tester

Price: 45000 - 550000 INR/Piece

Micro-controller based electronic twist tester is used for accurate measurement of TPM (Twist per meter) or TPI (Twist per inch) of the twisted yarn

Product Image (DTMX )

Electronic Tension Meter

Price: 110 INR/Piece

The new CHECK-LINE DTMX Digital Tension Meters accurately measure the running line tensions of yarns, fibers, wires, cables, optic fibers and similar process materials.

Product Image (KTS 055)

Digital Stroboscope

The stroboscope can flash light at different frequencies. So if we flash light on a rotating object and change the frequency of the flash then if the frequency of the rotating object is a multiple of the flash frequency, the object will then appear stationary. This principle is used to measure the frequency of different rotating object, such as speed of propeller in Aerospace engineering.

Product Image (KTS 063)

Textile Moisture Meter

Price: 22800 INR/Piece

To determine the residual moisture of yarn bobbins, fabric rolls, filaments, fiber flocks etc.

Product Image (KTS 054)

Package / Beam Hardness Tester

Price: 19800 INR/Piece

Textile hardness tester (durometer) to determine winding density of loosely wound bobbins of synthetic fibers and closely wound natural fibers, yarns and threads.

Product Image (KTS 052)

Analog Yarn Tension Meter

Price: 25800 INR

Our Yarn Tension Meter is very useful to evaluate the tension of moving yarns especially in knitting & weaving machines in textile mills.

Product Image (KTS 050M)

Wrap Reel-Motorized

Price: 33000 INR

Motorized Wrap Reel is used to wind yarn thread to a specified length, and then to test its strength of lea and quality.It can also be used for calculating the yarn count.