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Miscellaneous Equipment

Product Image (KTS 009D)

Bursting Strength Tester - Digital

Price: 68000 - 78000 INR/Piece

Bursting strength is a widely used measure of resistance to rupture in various materials. A test specimen is held between two circular clamps and subjected to an increasing pressure from a rubber diaphragm.

Product Image (KTS 014)

Muffle Furnace

Price: 33000 - 38000 INR/Piece

Muffle Furnace is an extremely heated chamber, walls of which can radiantly heat the content which is kept inside so that material cannot have direct contact with the flame. These furnaces are often utilized in the testing laboratories as a means to create extremely high-temperature inside the chamber.

Product Image (KTS 016)

Distillation Unit

Price: 13000 - 18000 INR/Piece

Water distiller is a machine which is used to purify water using distillation process, which is related to first boiling impure water after that collecting condensed water in a separate container. This distilled water is used in laboratory, organic chemistry lab, clinic, fermentation and medical industry etc.

Product Image (LX-101A)

Lux / Light Meter

Price: 2900 - 4000 INR/Piece

Lux meters are used for measuring brightness in lux, fc or cd/m

Product Image (KTS 01B)

Conditioning Chamber

Price: 98000 - 1400000 INR

For the conditioning of samples prior to testing, provides conditions from 20% to 98% RH 2 and 0C to 94C 0.5C.

Product Image (KTS Shore A)

Rubber Hardness Tester Analog

Price: 4500 - 8500 INR/Piece

These Shore hardness testers are used for determining the hardness of plastics and rubber.

Product Image (KTS 015)

Hot Air Oven

Price: 29800 INR

Hot air ovens use extremely high temperatures over several hours to destroy microorganisms and bacterial spores. The ovens use conduction to sterilize items by heating the outside surfaces of the item, which then absorbs the heat and moves it towards the center of the item.