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Colour Fastness Testing Instruments

Product Image (023)

Shrinkage Template with Scale -All in One

Shrinkage Template & Ruler is used to mark the origin size of the testing fabric and track its shrinkage status by the scale on the ruler, built with high-transparent acrylic makes this template ruler very easy to observe the dimension change and calculate the shrinkage scale and stretch scale.

Product Image (LMIO-124)

Lab Incubator

Price: 29000 - 35000 INR/Piece
Product Image (023A)

AATCC Wrinkle Recovery Tester

Price: 100 INR/Piece

AATCC Wrinkle Recovery Tester is used for determining a fabrics ability to recover after wrinkling under a pre-determined load for a set period of time.

Product Image (029)

Spray Rating Tester

Price: 15000 - 18000 INR/Piece

To determine the surface wetting resistance of fabrics. Comprising a metal framework allowing distilled water to be sprayed through a precision nozzle onto a test specimen at 45 and 150 mm below the nozzle. The appearance of the specimen is compared against an optional photographic scale.

Product Image (KTS 019A)

Digital Wash Tester -1 ( Iso )

Price: 88000 INR

To determine color fastness to washing or dry cleaning offabrics consisting of cotton, wool, silk, ramie, chemical fiber, etc.

Product Image (KTS 020)

Perspiration Tester

Price: 16800 INR

To determine the color fastness to perspiration, against water and sea water of various textiles as per ISO 105.

Product Image (KTS 018)

Digital Crock Meter

Price: 29000 INR

To determine the colour fastness of textiles to dry or wet rubbing of fabric and dyed yarn.