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Paper And Plastic Testing Instruments

Product Image (SST)

GSM Template

Price: 800 - 1200 INR/Piece
Product Image (MST2)

Digital Paper Moisture Meter

Price: 12000 - 15000 INR/Piece

A paper moisture meter measures the humidity of paper and paper products.

Product Image (KTS 009)

Bursting Strength Tester Analog

Price: 50000 - 65000 INR/Piece

Bursting Strength is a reliable index of the strength and performance of materials like paper, paperboards, corrugated boards and boxes, solid fibre boards, filter cloth, industrial fabrics, leather, rexine, etc.

Product Image (PGB 610)

Paper GSM Balance

Price: 7000 - 12000 INR/Piece

High Precision Balances come with all the intelligent capability you need for your daily routine application other than Basic Weighing in the Lab and does it all reliably and precisely, like Precision Weighing in different units

Product Image (KTS 001)

Paper GSM Cutter

Price: 5,200 - 7,000 INR/Unit

GSM round cutter comprises of 4 knives. By rotating the knob of the tool quarter a turn, the cutter provides the sample of 100 cm2. It is an excellent instrument that provides the exactly round sample of various materials like paper, foils, textiles, multi-layered boards, single layered boards. GSM = Weight of the Sample (in Grams) x 100

Product Image (KTS 010P)

Paper Tearing Strength Tester

Price: 49000 INR/Piece

Tearing strength testing can be found in plastic film, paper and textile industries. It is used to describe how well a material can withstand the effects of tearing. Elmendorf tear is a common method that is used to test tear resistance.